What’s Our Identity?

We are some kitchen specialists and our website address is souperfreaks.com.

Why We Collect Your Personal Info


Anytime you leave a comment on our website or any of our articles, we collect that with the info from the form. Both your IP address and browser user agent string are collected for better spam detection.

Partner Services

If you click on a partner service with much interest, their terms of service are accepted by you. Deactivate the service in case you want to opt out of them.


We use cookies to stay connected with the visitors in an easier way. Whenever you come back, we recognize you through the cookies saved in your browser.

Decline them when you do not want to keep them. But, our website may not satisfy you completely without cookies.


Our website has automatic data collection technology to enhance our website. We try to know your interest through your location, browsing patterns, internet connection and none of your personal info.

As this is Google analytics, you have the right to opt out anytime.

Who Can See Your Info?

No one can see your info except us on our website. Our 3rd party email provider is used to keep your email address in case you have signed up.

What We Ask For and Collect

Your comments are always collected by us. Besides, your profile info is secure on our website.


Purchasing from us demands you to pay through PayPal. The data you provide at that time is collected by PayPal.

How Long Is Your Info Kept? 

To recognize any details or comments of you quickly, we always keep your info. For example, any comments or an account that you registered on our website.

Editing them except for the username is always available for you. Our website administrators also hold the authority to visit and edit your data.

What Actions You Can Take For Your Info?

When we have your account information, you can rightfully delete them anytime. It also includes the comments you have made on our website. Only the info for security purposes are not in the list.

Where We Keep Your Info?

An automated spam detection service is on duty to verify the visitors comments.